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Located in the historic Carnegie Library, the Underground Laugh Lounge is your place for good drinks, great laughs, and a fantastic entertainment experience! The Underground features the funniest nationally touring comedians in our centrally located Niles, Michigan club (just north of Notre Dame and South Bend, IN), so that you don’t have to travel far to GET YOUR GIGGLE ON!

We here at the Underground Laugh Lounge want to provide our guests with the best possible service by letting them know what to expect when they come to a comedy or improv show. Each of our comedians features a rating so our guests can pick their preference in content and language. The family at the Underground Laugh Lounge and The Study wish to make every experience better than the last.

Remember: Life is better with laughter so come out and GET YOUR GIGGLE ON!

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The Study

Back in the days of Prohibition, businessmen and debutantes stood shoulder-to-shoulder with exotic dancers and hard-nosed private detectives in secret clubs called ‘Speakeasys’. These hidden bars, where alcohol was the drink of choice, were the only places to enjoy a refreshing beer or cocktail because consuming alcohol was illegal. Distillers and business owners, supplied by local rumrunners, moonshiners, and gangsters, had to create mysterious spaces with hidden entrances where patrons would need secret codes to enter. Inside, customers were greeted into a dark and fun world where everyone was your friend and alcohol flowed freely. The same world you’ll find in The Study.

To get to The Study, you will have to know the way and the secret code. Are you ready to discover the secrets of our speakeasy?

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Our History

The industrialist Andrew Carnegie designed the building, as well as providing the funds necessary, for the Niles community to open their own library in 1904. For the last 119 years, this building has served different organizations, but now it is the new home for the Underground Laugh Lounge and The Study. We are thrilled to honor this historic building by bringing top-tier entertainment to the Niles community.
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